Mark Abdilla's CD's
are unique in that they include a personal touch; the jacket cover, read and inside depict Mark's original oil pastel and watercolor paintings. While he has only been painting for a short period of time, the two mediums have helped him progress as an artist, hence allowing him to share his music and paintings.

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All pictures on the CDs are painted by Mark James Abdilla.



Released in 2004 "An Early Music Must!" Features many of the most popular solo and duet Renaissance Lute pieces composed by such masters as John Dowland, Luis Milan, Thomas Ford and Alonzo Mudara

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Mark's 1999 debut CD "From a Day Gone By" is primarily Lute pieces that were performed in during thefifteenth century. Also included are several original compositions recorded by Mark Abdilla.

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Mark's second CD "Lovers, Lemurs, and Lutists" was also released in 1999 and contains renaissance guitar as well as classical pieces by Bach and Beethoven. This disc has period instruments sprinkled in the background to embellish the guitar. For example, three pieces on the CD are Celtic influenced original works and have Irish Bouzouki and the ancient instrument Hurdy Gurdy in the background.

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"Hence" features an array of sound color. Mark is playing renaissance era instruments that include, lute, harpsichord, bouzouki, recorders, autoharp, hurdy gurdy and percussion. Mark felt he needed to record a CD with a unique colorful blend of tones.

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Truly one of the finest CD's for the Holidays, "A Festival of Carols" is strictly solo guitar pieces. A mellow cd with the best of the holiday music.

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Celtic Island
This 2007 release is performed on six and twelve steel string guitars and features traditional Irish and Scottish tunes.

This CD contains solo pieces in addition to songs with accompaniment from world-class fiddle, whistle and bodran (Irish Drum) players.
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Marks music is also available through:

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Coda Music

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